The same NYT piece that was surprised by spring ratings declines did yield a revealing (and amusing) quote from former NBC entertainment chief Jeff Gaspin.

After watching earlier seasons of The Walking Dead on Netflix, iTunes and recorded on his DVR he caught up and watched an episode live and had this reaction:

“We watched that live,” he said. “It was not nearly as good. The commercials broke the tension. We had watched the other episodes with blankets over our heads. I hate to say this to the AMC executives and everybody else in the business, but I will never watch ‘Walking Dead’ live again.”

So, when you’re running the entertainment business for an ad supported broadcast network, ads are just fine! But when you’re a viewer, they’re not?

Film at 11!

Tip for Mr. Gaspin: Pause a one hour live show for about 20 minutes when it starts and then you can watch the rest without commercials. Take that extra 20 minutes to bone up on other electronic wizardry from the 21st century!

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