It’s all hugs and kisses with the NBC affiliates now that they’ve cleaned the blood of The Jay Leno Show off their hands. Appropriately pacified, now they’ll presumably let the Comcast acquisition go through without hassling the process.

Both NBC and its affiliates board spoke positively of their annual meeting in New York today (Jan. 21), saying both parties are happy to move ahead after the recent Jay Leno-Conan O’Brien drama and work together on issues such as retransmission consent.

NBC affiliates board chairman Michael Fiorile said the board-and, presumably, most of the affiliate body-is looking forward to seeing Jay Leno back in his old Tonight Show role. “I think everybody’s pretty happy about that,” he said. “NBC went ahead and made the decision and made it quickly, and we’re appreciative.”

via Broadcasting & Cable.

I will not be surprised at all if the newly Comcast led NBCU puts the screws to them once the deal is done. Here’s an imaginary Steve Burke (Comcast COO) quote after today’s meetings “How nice that the folks in Wichita have agreed to let us run our business again”.

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