We’ve seen many last minute resolution to these carriage disputes between content providers and cable, satellite and telco operators.   We’ve even seen a case where it runs a few minutes over.

When something big like NFL or big college football, the Oscars or SpongeBob is at stake, the disputes always seem to get resolved before anyone loses any content.  But when you don’t have that kind of content, it gets more complicated.  We’ve seen this before when HGTV & Food Network were pulled from Cablevision and those channels pulled their content off of Cablevision for a few weeks.

Now Hallmark has pulled its channels off of AT&T U-verse as of midnight.    We’ve heard all the typical rhetoric from both sides.  My guess is it will get resolved though like HGTV & Cablevision,  it could take a while.

Posted by:TV By The Numbers

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