Anyone who reads our site regularly knows that Univision has been narrowing the ratings gap between itself and the big English broadcasters. At the same time, NBC ratings are cratering.

But even I, who writes the posts every day (ok, half the time, not counting summer) was surprised to learn how many nights Univision topped NBC in primetime among adults 18-49 last year (from an AdAge article that has lots about Univision’s new sales pitch):

A print campaign that takes a direct shot at the Peacock Network is slated to launch March 19. One headline reads, “Guess how many nights we beat NBC in 2011?” The answer is handily provided in the ad: 195 (in prime-time audiences ages 18-to-49).


Yikes for NBC.

Update: Two more datapoints gleaned from further research:

In 2011, Univision beat NBC on 267 nights among A18-34

Univision out-performed at least one or more of the English-language networks (ABC, CBS, NBC or FOX) on virtually every night (26 out of 28 nights) during the February 2012 sweep among Adults 18-34, and on 1 out of every 2 nights among Adults 18-49, and beat NBC on more than half the nights among Adults 18-34 and nearly half the nights among Adults 18-49 during broadcast prime.

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