“It sold well internationally!” is a favorite square to cover among desperate fans playing Fan Excuse Bingo.  Today’s post in Deadline.com on the international sales “grades” of this season’s rookie shows is certain to have fans of this season’s marginal rookies touting it far and wide.

Problem is, there’s no clear evidence it matters much in renewal and cancellation decisions, and plenty that it doesn’t.

Several shows that sold relatively well internationally are already certain or likely to be cancelled:

Almost all shows get sold internationally, and for the renewal and cancellation prospects of a show, comparisons to shows on other networks are meaningless, only shows on the same network are in renewal and cancellation competition with each other.

  • Blue Bloods fans are certain to wave its “A” grade around as a hopeful sign, but the other CBS rookies still on the schedule also had good “grades”: Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior (A-), Hawaii Five-0 (B+). No word on Chaos. I’m going to guess that the CBS veteran dramas on the bubble (The Good Wife, CSI:NY, CSI: Miami) are probably in pretty good shape internationally.

A disparity in international sales could conceivably make a difference in the marginal case between two bubble shows’ prospects on the same network, but otherwise it’s all just noise in terms of renewal and cancellation.

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