Bill wrote over the weekend that the long knives were coming out for NBCU’s Jeff Zucker, and the knives keep getting sharper. Even Maureen Dowd is getting into the act with a scathing op-ed piece in Wednesday’s paper titled “The Biggest Loser.”

What was once a lush primetime forest for NBC is now ashes and  smoldering charred remains and that happened under Zucker’s watch.  Criticism of Zucker as it relates to NBC’s primetime fates seems reasonable.  But it’s just a piece of the NBCU empire, where other pieces are thriving.

Is Zucker, as Dowd quoted an anonymous rival network honcho “the most destructive media executive  ever to exist?”

Reasonable people can argue over the merits and flaws of Leno at 10pm and the reasons for  its quick cancellation.  They can also argue about whether the growing stigma associated with Zucker is fully deserved.  But there is little room to argue that there is no stigma.

The question at this point is whether Zucker can overcome it.

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