AT&T U-verse subscribers may miss the upcoming season of Mad Men as the telco is set to drop AMC and several other Rainbow Programming-owned services next week over a contract dispute.

AT&T is threatening to pull Rainbow services AMC, WE TV and IFC if a carriage deal isn’t completed by July 14, and earlier today began informing its more than 2 million subscribersabout the potential move through a settop box message.

via Multichannel News.

Based on the recent track record of similar carriage disputes, it’s unlikely to get to a stage where AT&T actually turns those networks’ signals off, and even if they do, the Mad Men season premiere is July 25, making it even less likely to be at risk from a disruption that might begin on July 14.

AT&T U-verse had 2.295 million subscribers at the end of Q1 ’10.

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