Anyone interested in True Blood’s prospects for syndication, or simply the economics and challenges of syndication for a premium cable network like HBO should check out the very interesting “HBO hopes ‘True Blood’ reruns will bleed green” in the LA Times ‘Company Town’ blog.

Vampires are hot, but what about vampire reruns?

HBO will find out soon enough. The pay-cable channel is starting to shop repeats of “True Blood” to commercial cable networks. The show, which just started its third season, has turned into HBO’s biggest hit since the days of “Sex and the City” and “The Sopranos.” About 12 million viewers tune in to each episode to watch Sookie Stackhouse and vampire Bill Compton get hot and sweaty down in Bon Temps, La., while battling evil vampires, wolves and the occasional redneck.


HBO hopes it can sell “True Blood” for $800,000 per episode. As charming as those vampires can be, cable networks should be careful about inviting them in, or else they might end up with all their blood drained.

via Los Angeles Times.

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