“Just wait until Comcast takes over…” is a common theme among our commenters on a very wide variety of subjects on our site, from NBC primetime, to NBC late night, Syfy, MSNBC, you name it.

Some people expect a swift and powerful broom sweeping out all that exists today at NBCU, and others expect some sort of miraculous transformation to the positive for the NBCU properties involved.

I think both sets are likely to be disappointed.

I’d expect far less visible change than the broom (and pitchfork?) crowd, and far fewer (if any) miracles than the miraculous transformation crowd.

Whether or not the new NBCU executives take their seats in time to have any effect on the 2011-12 season pilots, inertia is a powerful force in any big organization. I’d expect far less to change and whatever changes happen to take far longer than many of our commenters (and many in the press) expect.

And while NBC recent woeful primetime ratings record, as well as the cyclical nature of the television business, will give any changes a reasonable chance at producing some upside, it’s silly to think that the folks being installed at various NBCU position have some sort of TV Midas touch. I’m sure they’re plenty smart and capable, but so are the folks at Fox (and their primetime ratings are down 19% this season), and ABC (down 9%). Also, there’s no chance that Comcast is buying NBC just because they think they can program primetime better. They may think they can, but they’ve certainly got much more important objectives.

What are you waiting for?

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