The NBC affiliates board came out of its meeting in Las Vegas April 13 in an upbeat manner, pleased with the strides NBC has made in primetime. Board chairman Michael Fiorile said NBC updated the gathering on development. Rookie shows like The Marriage Ref and Parenthood, he said, offer quality product to viewers and advertisers alike. “We’re very pleased with primetime, compared to four months ago,” said Fiorile.

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“We’re very pleased with primetime, compared to four months ago”

Of course, all along the affiliates cared only about the 10pm hour before their late local news, the rest of NBC’s primetime ratings (and NBC’s income statement) be damned. And 10pm ratings have improved, but at the cost of hammering rest of NBC’s primetime ratings as slots have had to be filled by all manner of dreck.

The latest week NBC carried all new episodes (week ending 3/28) they averaged a 2.0 rating in primetime.

Comparing with four months ago wouldn’t be fair since NBC was still carrying football, but in mid-January NBC averaged a 2.28 rating.

Tell me again how much better things have gotten for NBC?

I’m sure the future owners of NBC (Comcast) appreciated this little episode of corporate extortion from their affiliates (to prevent them from screwing with the acquisition). I’m sure they won’t remember, or hold it against them in the future.

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