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The integrated measurement of advertising across both TV and internet viewing might happen sooner than we thought. Nielsen now expects to have a portion of its people meter households covered with “Internet meters” prior to the 2010-2011 broadcast season.

Once that happens, count on internet viewing on and the network’s websites having the same national advertising load as the telecasts for at least 3 days after airtime, so it will count in the C+3 commercial ratings that the networks sell to advertisers.

Urged by clients to move faster, Nielsen responded Tuesday (Dec. 1) with a plan to accelerate the rollout of the Internet meter to its national people meter sample. The plans call for Nielsen to complete the roll out by Aug. 31, 2010, instead of some time in 2011.

The initiative, now called TVandPC will create the industry’s first single source measure of viewing to both TV and online. Once the rollout is complete, Nielsen will be able to report online video viewing from 7,500 national-people-meter homes, representing about 20,000 people and 12,000 computers.

via MediaWeek

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