We’re used to seeing fan campaigns to save just about any show on the broadcast and basic cable networks, but fans rally to save PBS shows, too.

New York’s WNET,org announced plans to end its Worldfocus that is distributed across the country after 18 months and the New York Times reports dedicated viewers are trying to save it.  Like most such campaigns the outlook isn’t good:

But like a similar campaign in recent months to save “Now on PBS,” which will show its last episode April 30, the impassioned efforts of some dedicated viewers seem unlikely to succeed before the show goes off the air on April 2.

WNET.org’s chief executive Neal Shapiro says, “I think it would take an incredible miracle,” to keep Worldfocus going, noting that the show got funding, just not enough funding to continue.   PBS was among those who declined to finance the show.

Unlike most of the shows we see this happen with, there’s no huge outcry among fans hoping for another network to pick the shows up.

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