There’s never any shortage of people for the media to interview to advance the TV service “cord cutting” myth. Problem with that myth is that there are more people being added to TV provider services than are leaving.

Here are the topline numbers from a new SNL Kagan report from a MediaDailyNews piece for year over year 2009 vs. 2008:

  • Overall subscriptions to cable, satellite or telco TV services rose 3% to 99.9 million homes in 2009 from 97 million in 2008.
  • Cable TV homes fell to 62.1 million from 62.6 million.
  • Satellite TV homes increased to 32.7 million from 31.3 million.
  • Telco TV homes increased to 5.1 million, up 65%.

These increases were certainly helped by the end of analog TV transmission in 2009, which caused a one time boost in households signing up for TV service that didn’t have it before. It will be interesting to see the numbers for 2010.

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