When a television show is clearly a failure, what does the network owe its viewers?

To judge by these (any many other similar) comments on our site*  it seems some think that once a show has begun its run  it must run until completion regardless of ratings.

[N]etworks…get us hooked on their shows that they cancel or do not show all episodes. It is frustrating. They should follow through with series that have a connecting story line. Sometimes I will not even start watching a series do to the fact that they might end the series before there is an ending. And they wonder why they can not get a following for there shows.

Who is the idiot that makes these decisions. Regardless of the ratings you would think they would stand behind an obligation to the fans who do watch the show and at least finish the full episode run

We enjoyed the show, but the way that it was mis-handled by NBC does give me pause to starting a season pass for anything new.

Well here we go again! What is it with NBC, ABC and CBS they can’t seem to start a show and let it finish anymore!…I’ve pretty much stopped starting any new shows on these ststions for this very reason, tired of shows with no ending!!!


Why should a network be compelled to keep providing a product that has clearly failed when it has better business alternatives?

* these comments were concerning NBC’s recent ratings disaster Persons Unknown but they’re representative of those for countless failed shows.

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