CNN’s Campbell Brown, once rumored to be in line for Katie Couric’s seat on the Today Show (USNews, USAToday), has seen her fortunes decline from those heady days.

Her eponymous 8pm show’s viewership has trended down steadily, and she just had her lowest average viewership night ever on Tuesday (2/23) with just 332,000 average viewers. She’s averaged 537,000 daily viewers in February through 2/21/10. When asked, CNN pointed out that the Olympic coverage always affects their ratings.

Here are some charts of her long term viewership declines.

First, a full chart.

And now one with the 2 big peaks cut off for more detail on the rest of the days.

Update: I edited both charts to clarify that they contained average daily viewership, corrected Campbell spelling and clarified that the vertical axis numbers were thousands of viewers.

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