for whatever reason, we didn’t get our normal cable news data ratings for yesterday yet, and I’m guessing we won’t see it until tomorrow.  We need a better backup strategy!

Better late than never. Our regular cable news ratings data for Tuesday, November 3 has arrived.

In the meanwhile you can find the night’s results on TV Newser and the original TV Newser, Brian Stelter has a write-up on

The cable channels each added hours of live coverage to their schedules; CNN declared it to be “Election Night in America.” But for all the ballyhoo, only Fox News showed significant ratings gains.

Mr. O’Reilly added more than a million viewers, but the biggest gains came later in the evening, as votes were counted and the Republican candidates for governor, Robert F. McDonnell in Virginia and Christopher J. Christie in New Jersey, delivered victory speeches.

The conservative commentator Sean Hannity, whose 9 p.m. program averages 2.5 million viewers, had 4.2 million viewers on Tuesday. Greta Van Susteren, the 10 p.m. anchor, had 3.7 million viewers, up from an average of 2 million this year.

An extra hour of election coverage at 11 p.m., with the Washington anchor Bret Baier, drew 2.6 million viewers, up from the time period’s average of 1.5 million.

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