If you follow our regular cable news ratings posts, you know very well about CNN’s ratings woes. That being the case, CNN’s Jonathan Klein would rather worry about Facebook and Twitter instead.

CNN is more concerned about competition from social networks than other cable news networks, CNN U.S. president Jonathan Klein said here Wednesday.

“”The competition I’m really afraid of are social networking sites,” he said in a keynote interview at Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s Media Summit New York. They provide “an alternative that threatens to pull people away from us.”

After all, Facebook friends and Twitter members are “trusted news sources,” Klein explained.[…]

Asked whether it bothers him that CNN came in third in U.S. ratings last year, Klein said those rankings are based on prime time figures, but he likes to take a broader view across day parts. For example, he argued that CNN drew 100 million viewers for all of February, which was ahead of Fox News’ 91 million. CNN sells the overall reach of the network rather than one show or day part, he added.

Klein did acknowledge though that Fox News’ viewers stay longer, and “we would like ours to stay longer.”

via Hollywood Reporter.

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