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HLN, typically the lowest rated cable news network, beat its sibling channel CNN last week in Total Viewers during both primetime and Total Day. The last time that HLN beat CNN was during July 2011, during the Casey Anthony trial, which was covered extensively by HLN personality Nancy Grace.

HLN ranked 34th in primetime (.509 million)  and 31st in Total Day (.371 million) while CNN ranked 36th in primetime (.488 million) and 33rd in Total Day (.369 million).

FNC continued its reign as the top cable news channel, ranking number three among ad supported cable channels during primetime (1.917 million) and number five in total day (1.159 million) among Total Viewers. MSNBC ranked 23rd in primetime (.742 million) and 26th in total day (.423 million).

Note: These rankings only include ad supported cable channels, thus excluding The Disney Channel and other non ad supported channels which are included in the weekly cable rankers.


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