Deadline Hollywood Daily is running a fun post recapping some of  the Cable: New Home Of Scripted Television panel at today’s  PRODUCED BY CONFERENCE where the speakers were asked in a fantasy world where they could steal shows off other networks, which shows would they steal:

The speakers at the Cable: New Home Of Scripted Television panel were all asked what shows they would snatch from another cable channel. Jackie de Crinis, EVP of Original Scripted Programming at USA Network, said, “There was a time when we were working with a blank canvas and we would have made a big play for Rescue Me. But today The Closer would be the best fit for the brand.”

Nick Grad, EVP of Original Programing for FX Network said he would take Mad Men off the air “so Damages could win more awards”. But the show he felt would fit his network the best was Showtime’s Dexter.

still more fantasy thievery at Deadline Hollywood Daily

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