This certainly falls into the category of “Not Surprising”, but it is interesting to see an estimate of the numbers. Compared to overall subscriber numbers the additions are small, but since cable provider subscriber numbers have been essentially flat for quite some time, any net addition is welcome. For reference, here are the latest cable and satellite provider subscriber numbers we have.

Cable, satellite and other pay TV companies are likely to gain 653,000 subscribers this year as a result of the June 12 transition to digital TV, according to an analysis from Wells Fargo Securities released Tuesday (July 7). Cable will benefit the most, adding 475,000 subscribers, followed by satellite (137,000) and the telecommunications companies (41,000).

Broken out by provider, Comcast’s incremental subscribers from the transition will total 169,780; Time Warner will gain 150,190; Cablevision 3,265; and other cable companies 151,496. DirecTV stands to add 78,770 and DISH 58,770.

The majority of over-the-air households switched to pay TV during first quarter, estimated at 368,000.

via MediaWeek.

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