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I’m not sure how it happened, but somewhere along the line I became a Whovian. I’m definitely a fan of the 2005-11 Doctor Who(s). I’ve probably enjoyed the Matt Smith/Karen Gillan episodes most of all, though it could just be I like the Steven Moffat version a little better than the Russel T. Davies version.

I confess, I cringe at any episode focusing on the Daleks and am not a big fan of the Cybermen either, but I still wound up loving the show anyway. That’s just how it goes for me sometimes with the science fiction. I hated episodes about the replicators in Stargate: SG1, but still loved the show. And so it is with Doctor Who. Maybe I’m just a fan of the wibbly wobbly timey-wimey…stuff.

Anyway… In case you missed it,  Doctor Who is coming to America in more ways than one. First, the sixth season premiere is tonight (same night as in the UK) and, for the first time, the first two episodes of the season are set (with parts filmed) in  the U.S.

With the premiere debuting the same day as in the UK, and being set in the U.S. will even more Americans embrace the premiere?  Will Doctor Who set series highs on BBC America? We should know Monday-ish.

A couple of recent past data points:


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