Syfy’s biggest hit, Warehouse 13 returns Tuesday night (July 6) for it’s second season.  Will it pick up where it left off (ratings wise) or will there be a sophomore slump?  I’m honestly not sure.  Last year there was extra promotion around its launch due to all the marketing around the SciFi to Syfy re-branding.

Syfy’s Eureka returns this Friday night (July 9) for its fourth season.  One thing I’ll say for Eureka fans, not only do they not complain about the show being on Fridays, they don’t complain about it being on Friday’s in the summer!  The 3rd season was split into two halves that each ran from July to late September in 2008 and 2009, if you want to get technical.   Though not great news for Jaime Ray Newman that Eastwick didn’t work out, it hopefully is a win for Eureka fans hoping to see  at least a little more Dr. Tess Fontana.   This season also brings in a new character played by James Callis (BSG’s Gaius Baltar)

Meanwhile USA’s White Collar returns next Tuesday (July 13)   I’m really enjoying White Collar and for me there’s a clear winner in any White Collar vs. Burn Notice showdown.  Last Thursday instead of watching Burn Notice, I watched the screeners of the first two episodes of White Collar.  I still haven’t gotten around to Burn Notice yet.  I’m sure folks have opinions on the quality of Burn Notice, but I’m not so sure my issue is quality.  Maybe it’s just that I’ve already had 3 seasons of Burn Notice and that White Collar isn’t quite as played out for me yet.

But, I’m not a Nielsen home or remotely representative of the viewing population and where it really matters (the ratings!) I’m pretty sure Burn Notice will still win the head-to-head challenge.  Though I know themes like “but in the summer, Tuesdays are more competitive than Thursdays!” are bound to arise,  I’m staying out of that discussion.  For now.

I’m most interested of all though to see how Covert Affairs (premieres July 13 after White Collar) does, and not just in its premiere but for its first season.  Though its announcement early this year brought a hailstorm of “I’m not watching an Alias clone” comments, I suspect, at least based on the pilot, that the show will find an audience on USA.

While I doubt it will settle into numbers as good as Burn Notice or Royal Pains,  I won’t be at all surprised if it does better than the most recent performance of In Plain Sight and Law & Order: CI.

I mostly liked the pilot and I think the character of  “Augie” will be a fan favorite.  There is a character/storyline or two that I’m sure I won’t be  too interested in, but my biggest complaint is a nit that stems only from the adoration of Anne Dudek.  Look away now if you don’t want even the tiniest sliver of spoiler.

For some reason I just hated to see Ms. Dudek in the role of an easy-to-deceive suburban soccer mom.

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