You can see the numbers and detail on AMC’s Emmy nominations here, but here’s a little background from the LA Times.

For the second year in a row, AMC made television history, earning more Emmy nominations Thursday than any other basic cable network. AMC, known mostly as a repository of old Hollywood movies, broke its own record of 20 nominations with 23 this year.

But even more notable is that both of its original dramas, “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad,” managed to secure nominations for outstanding drama, pushing the network past such competitors as USA, FX and TNT, which air some of the most popular series in basic cable.

“We’ve been saying for a few years that we wanted to be the place where stories matter more than anywhere else,” said AMC’s president and general manager, Charlie Collier. “It really starts with the creators of the show, and we have been able to create an environment where the best authors on TV are coming to AMC and thriving, and we feel great about that.”

“Mad Men,” which last year became the first basic cable show to win an Emmy for top series, received 16 nominations, including a second nod for actor Jon Hamm and supporting players John Slattery and Elisabeth Moss. “Breaking Bad,” the sophomore series about a teacher who turns to dealing crystal meth to pay for his cancer treatments, earned five nominations. AMC also earned two nominations for its talk show “Storymakers.”

via Los Angeles Times.

Ultimately, you’d think that AMC would want those nominations (and potential awards) to translate into ratings. On that front, AMC’s recent year over year monthly trends are mixed.

Month 2009 Primetime Avg. Adults 18-49 (000) 2008 Primetime Avg. Adults 18-49 (000) Y/Y Change
June 425 398 7%
May 365 358 2%
April 360 386 -7%
February 412 568 -27%

These monthly numbers are approximately an equal blend of Live+7 and Live+SD viewing.

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