Jon & Kate in happier times…

Baltimore Sun TV critic David Zurawik has a blog post giving an in-depth accounting of the diminishing ratings for Jon & Kate Plus 8 since the June highs of 10.6 million:

The only comfort for TLC is that it does appear that the show might finally be hitting bottom. On Sept. 14, the audience was 1.789 million viewers, according to So, the drop to 1.714 this week, is the smallest of the season.

Still, what a drop. As one of my colleagues who is more of a ratings expert than me, said Thursday, “Looking at those numbers, I would say Jon & Kate’s 15 minutes might not yet be up, but they’re at about 14 and 1/2 and counting.”

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To be precise, I believe what I said is  “they’re at about 14 minutes and 58 seconds.”  Something about their 15 minutes being near the end would make me feel better if I didn’t fear headlines like “Exclusive: Kate pregnant again and Jon’s the father!” sending ratings back up to the stratosphere.

For now, I’ll take comfort that for weeks J&K have been below the  “That’s So Raven line”, but keep in mind the bar for Raven repeats is set pretty high by cable standards.  Raven had two 11:30pm airings last weekend going over 2 million average viewers.

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