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The Walt Disney Co.’s $4 billion play for superhero factory Marvel Entertainment may have been mostly skewed toward the strength of its film studio β€” which has had recent blockbuster hits like Iron Man, X-Men and Spider-Man 3 β€” but the deal also provides more raw material for its Disney πŸ˜„ cable network.

On a conference call with analysts Aug. 31, Disney CEO Robert Iger said that the two companies are still working out the particulars of the merger, but that Disney πŸ˜„ β€” the recently rebranded Toon Disney β€” represents one of the biggest opportunities for the merger. Iger said Disney πŸ˜„ currently airs about 20 hours per week of Marvel character productions and that could expand both domestically and internationally.

Disney rebranded Toon Disney as Disney πŸ˜„ in February in an effort to attract a young male audience. That demographic also happens to be Marvel’s biggest audience.

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