HBO has renewed Treme for an abbreviated fourth and final season according to a report by Dave Walker in The Times-Picayume.  Walker reports that on the eve of the third season premiere that show co-creators David Simon and Eric Overmyer informed cast and crew at a special screening.

“We are going to be back for a season 3.5,” Simon said during pre-screening opening remarks Saturday. “HBO, upon viewing the 10 (season-three episodes) that we gave them and what we’ve done, they want to see the end of the story. They fought very hard to give us half a loaf. We’re going to take it and run.”

Other than that it will be less than 10 episodes, no details yet on just how many episodes the fourth season will have.

Update: Alan Sepinwall contacted David Simon about what exactly “half a loaf” meant and Simon responded that HBO had given them a lump sum for the fourth season and that they are still figuring out how best to use it, but tentatively thinks it will mean four to six more hours (episodes) for the fourth season.

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