I enjoyed the police drama  Luther, which debuts with the first of its six episodes from season one tonight on BBC America.   When Luther premiered last May in the UK it averaged over 5.8 million viewers and a 24% share.  Despite the bigger population in the USA, don’t expect numbers anywhere near that. I wouldn’t expect it to surpass the 1.2 million that Matt Smith’s debut as the new doctor on Doctor Who averaged on BBCA last April. 

I’m a sucker for British accents and UK scenery and there were some fine acting performances.    While there are many cop procedurals that have serial elements, Luther is far more serialized.   The thing it reminded me most of was Damages at its best (season one) only better.

One of my complaints with Damages, even in season one, was that they stretched 8 episodes worth of story out to 13 episodes and the “filler” took away from my enjoyment rather than added to it.   Not so with Luther, where there were only 6 episodes, though they were nearly an hour each without commercials which would be 8-9 episodes worth of most U.S. shows.

Like Damages, there are some dramatic plot twists.  Even with disbelief fully suspended, I still probably muttered “there is NO WAY that would happen!”  a few times over the course of the six episodes, but I still enjoyed it.

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