The penultimate episode of the first season of Starz’ Spartacus: Blood and Sand rebounded from the Good Friday episode with a series high 1.285 million average viewers, edging out the 1.265 million viewers for the March 26 episode.

The 725,000 adults 18-49  was not a series high, but second-best to the 760,000 for the March 26 episode.  I calculate the rating right around a .55 so I have rounded it up to .6 to be consistent with the other data in the season one results in the table below.

A few people have asked me if I’m really a fan of the show or whether I am just in it for the ratings.  It took a while for me to get invested with the show.  I had to slog through five or six episodes before I started to enjoy it, but since then it has been a guilty pleasure.

No, it’s definitely not HBO’s Rome.  It’s far more like CBS’s Dallas from the 1980s, set in Rome circa 100 BC!  Batiatus and Lucretia instead of J.R. and Sue Ellen.   Perhaps Spartacus isn’t all that much like Bobby Ewing, and OK, lots more violence and, sure, Dallas didn’t have any nudity.  Nonetheless, it’s more like Dallas than Rome!  Don’t be too surprised to see a “Who Stabbed Batiatus?” episode someday.

Ratings for season one of Spartacus: Blood and Sand:

Date Net Episode 18-49
22-Jan-10 STRZ The Red Serpent .3/1 0.659
29-Jan-10 STRZ Sacramentum Gladiatorum .4/1 0.773
5-Feb-10 STRZ Legends .4/1 0.858
12-Feb-10 STRZ The Thing in the Pit .3/1 0.662
19-Feb-10 STRZ Shadow Games .4/1 0.846
26-Feb-10 STRZ Delicate Things .4/1 1.078
5-Mar-10 STRZ Great and Unfortunate Things .4/1 0.974
12-Mar-10 STRZ Mark of the Brotherhood .4/1 0.875
19-Mar-10 STRZ Whore .4/1 1.109
26-Mar-10 STRZ Party Favors .6/2 1.265
2-Apr-10 STRZ Old Wounds .4/1 1.130
9-Apr-10 STRZ Revelations .6/2 1.285
16-Apr-10 STRZ Kill Them All

We’re down to the season one finale this Friday.  Sadly, season two has met with production delays while star Andy Whitfield (Spartacus) undergoes treatment for Non Hodgkin Lymphoma.   While the prognosis is good,  we’re not yet sure what it means for the season two premiere, though I’ll definitely post news of season two as soon as I hear anything.

If you’re a Netflix subscriber you can catch up on season one of Spartacus: Blood and Sand online. If you’re not a subscriber you can get a free one month trial and watch season one for free.

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