Syfy is not picking up Legend of the Seeker.  Syfy is not picking up Legend of the Seeker. Syfy is not picking up Legend of the Seeker. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

For what seems like the 50th time this summer, Syfy’s Craig Engler tweeted that Syfy wouldn’t be picking up Legend of the Seeker.   In a nice way (much nicer than we’d likely have been in his shoes) Engler expressed frustration at all the passionate LotS fans constantly tweeting at him.

I know most fans don’t like to think of the economics, they just want shows they love on the air and mostly don’t think about whether the networks or studios lose money on the deal.  But alas, the networks, cable channels and studios care a lot about the financial aspects.

Legend of the Seeker is produced by ABC Studios, and doesn’t make sense for ABC and sadly isn’t a really good fit for Disney or ABC Family.   ABC Studios obviously hasn’t offered the show at a price that would be attractive for Syfy, and one can hardly blame ABC Studios for not wanting to discount the price so much that it loses money in the deal.   That’s the reasonable way to look at it, though I understand that for fans it’s an unfortunate outcome.

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