Lacey Rose of Forbes has an interview up with Syfy chief, Dave Howe.   Not a single reference to Stargate Universe though he did talk about what a huge global franchise Stargate is for MGM.   Instead he talked about topics that are practically beloved (at least by the authors of this website, if not our readers) like:

1. what a challenge it is to monetize DVR viewers

2. how he embraces on-demand and encourages cable companies to disable fast-forwarding, which, combined with C3 measurement ultimately allows for everything to be made available on demand.   Bill and I both agree that for a large portion of the digital cable subscribers, having everything On Demand at no extra cost would be worth the disabled fast-forwarding functionality just for the convenience (people who couldn’t suffer through that would be willing to pay monthly fees for a DVR).

3. how if he were at a broadcast network he would definitely have migrating to dual stream revenue (advertising + retransmission fees) at the top of the list.

4. he also talks about how he’d model Hulu the same as cable companies are modeled advertising + subscription fees.  He believes in the Hulu model, but believes its a ways off and hints that they need to add a lot more commercials for that to happen.

He also talks about the success of rebranding efforts (best October ratings ever) and how despite critical acclaim Battlestar Galactica didn’t draw as many viewers as it might have because it was on a network called SciFi and because it was set in space.    It will be interesting to see how Caprica fares on a network called Syfy, and set on terra firma.

You should read the whole interview and you can  follow Lacey on Twitter.

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