Congrats to our friends at TBS, TNT and Turner Sports. They didn’t get the Red Sox, but three out of the four first round series go the full five games, with the other going four games.  19 out of 20 possible games is much better than the possible minimum of 12 games.  TBS will also carry the NLCS a best of 7 games series. While I’d guess they’d rather see the Phillies win out over the Cardinals,  with no disrespect to the Brewers or Diamondbacks fans, they’re probably a toss-up in terms of ratings potential.

As far as rooting interests go, it’s a different story over at Fox which will carry the ALCS and the World Series. To summarize: Yankees not in World Series = BAD, BAD, BAD!  Yankees not even in the ALCS? EVEN WORSE.

While ultimately the number of games the series last is typically more important than which teams make it in, having the Yankees make it both into the ALCS and the World Series would be a big deal for Fox as far as the ratings. There’s no doubt Fox is rooting for the Yankees to win out over Detroit in game 5 of the ALDS (and little doubt that CBS is rooting for the Tigers).

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