On Friday, A&E announced it had canceled The Cleaner. That prompted the following comment:

I am so sick and tired of these networks cancelling well acted shows and leaving trash like “Dog” & Hoarders on. Who cares about losers who can’t throw away their trash? These shows cater to the people who would rather sit there and not think about a story line but just watch the dredges of society. Also, the networks pay very little as they cut out the writers and actors. I say screw A&E! While I like The First 48, I’ll give it up to boycott this crappy network!!

The Cleaner vs. Hoarders by the numbers

Who cares about people who don’t throw their trash away?  The Cleaner averaged 1.128 million viewers in what would wind up being its series finale on Tuesday September 15 at 10pm.   Exactly twenty-four hours earlier, Hoarders averaged 1.576 million viewers.

Who cares about people who don’t throw their trash out?  When it comes to watching TV that week, about 450,000 more people than who cared about The Cleaner.  It’s not a big difference in viewers I suppose.  The big difference is this: Hoarders costs A&E a lot less money.  More viewers, and less expensive…

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