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…it’s all about the demos.

Last night’s premiere of Warehouse 13 with 3.5 million viewers drew almost 50% more live+SD viewers than the series finale of Battlestar Galactica that drew 2.4 million.  But with 1.1 million fewer overall viewers, the BSG finale averaged 300,000 more adults 18-49 — 1.6 million for BSG vs. 1.3 million for Warehouse 13.  Both airings averaged 1.7 million adults 25-54.

Bottom line, more people watched the Warehouse 13 premiere than the BSG finale, and by a wide margin in terms of live plus same day DVR viewing, but those people were outside of the coveted demos.

There is not really any comparison between the two shows as they are very different.  BSG, deep and dark and often broody, and Warehouse 13, just the opposite really.  But Warehouse 13 is the first new series to premiere on Sci Fi since BSG retired.  Warehouse 13 has a chance to build its audience.  Building from  series premieres seems fairly rare in this day and age, but it does happen.

It will be interesting to see how Eureka performs after almost 10 months off.  Its season 3 “fall finale” was last September, but season 3 resumes with 10 new episodes this Friday.  But last summer Eureka aired on Tuesdays and this year Warehouse 13 gets the Tuesday slot while Eureka will air  in Dollhouse Country on Fridays at 9pm.

I watched the lengthy “Syfy rebranding video” that preceded Warehouse 13 (I’ve embedded it below) and it served at least one useful purpose with me.  I learned of the show Scare Tactics.   Somehow that was off my radar, but  I saw the video and wondered, “why is Tracy Morgan in this rebranding video?!”

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