PLEASE NOTE: The DVR viewing makes comparisons difficult because we are comparing this year’s August (actually July 27 – August 30) that has only 16 days worth of August’s Live+7 DVR viewing to last year’s August (July 28-August 31) where all of the live+7 numbers are included.

I would love to compare only live+SD with only live+SD numbers — or full live+7 vs live+7.  But we don’t have access to the former, and the latter will not exist for at least another couple of weeks (and I doubt we’ll see any updates).

With those disclaimers — and granted they are big disclaimers — aside,  it looks like despite the record breaking successes with Warehouse 13, that Syfy is down year over year when comparing August ’09 ratings to August ’08.

In primetime, household rating was down 9%, and P2+ viewing was down 7% year over year.  Viewing with women 18-49 was down 17% and overall 18-49 viewing was down 17% as well.  It could be these difference will be made up for when the rest of the live+7 numbers are factored in.

My memory is so bad that even though I’m sure I watched Syfy last summer, I can’t remember the schedule well, so I’m not sure that there weren’t more original shows running last year than this year (perhaps Ghost Hunters started earlier in the summer?) and it could well be that scheduling differences make comparisons hard on top of all the disclaimers.  But just looking at the numbers,  it is perhaps to earlyto declare the rebranding efforts a success!

Bill can do a more in-depth analysis if he’s motivated, or he can go back to the well of riling up TV Land fans!!

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