When we wrote about In Plain Sight’s renewal a few days ago, we did note that the show’s creator and executive producer, David Maples, was getting pushed out of his  job.  Though in fairness, I did mostly gloss over that because I didn’t have any more details.

Natalie Abrams at E! Online’s Watch With Kristin has some more details on that as well as news that will definitely make Bill Gorman yelp with glee so loudly I might be able to hear him from halfway around the world (which is where he is).

No more Jinx Shannon!  Or at least less of her than what seemed like an already diminished role this year.   I am a fan of Lesley Ann Warren, but I didn’t love her in the role of Mary Shannon’s mother, Jinx.   Also out, or taking a lesser role is Detective Robert “Bobby D” Dershowitz played by Todd Williams.  He was in the show even less than Jinx, so I doubt people will notice much.  It seemed like in the pilot episode they planned bigger things for Bobby D, but they never panned out.

According to Natalie’s article they will have roles as recurring guest stars but not be series regulars.  Again, it sort of seemed that way already.

Natalie’s article is interesting because it has comments both from the exiting Maples and USA Network president of original programming, David Wachtel.    Given the circumstance of what seems to basically amount to Maples being fired – typically an ugly circumstance that is like the founder of a start-up being ousted from the company they founded, everyone is quite respectful and civil.  If I read it correctly, the central issue was the USA Network wanted the show to be more procedural rather than focus so much on Mary’s personal life.

I’m not really sure how I feel about the changes.  I know Bill will probably like them – the only thing that would’ve made him happier probably is to hear that the Brandi (Nichole Hiltz) character was out like Jinx and Bobby D.  I like the Mary Shannon character, and didn’t mind some of the exploration into her personal life.  But, my favorite character on the show is Marshal Marshall Mann.  Hopefully the changes will result in more screen time for Fred Weller who stars in the role of Mann.

Natalie also has scoop on the cliffhanger season finale, and why the season actually winds up getting cut short by one episode. There’s no Dollhouse-esque controversy there, it was more of a programming choice.  They didn’t love the last episode as a season finale).  Want all the details, head over to E Online and read Natalie’s story.

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