When I agreed to participate in a promotion for the Discovery Channel’s upcoming “Shark Week” I figured it would be an opportunity to have another “give away” contest like our recent one for Burn Notice.

Instead, what I received today was more of a social networking/mystery package, and while it’s a cute collection of things, I’m not sure what to do with it on the site.

I figured I’d post everything and let folks check it out. If people think it’s worth having a “give away” contest around, let me know in the comments and I’ll cook something up.

Here’s what they sent (click on any image for a larger picture). Everything except the white card on the right in the first photo was initially packaged inside the jar in the first photo.

First photo:

1) White paper card with faux handwritten note: “This jar holds a story, the story of a single tragic incident that needs to be unlocked. Dive in, investigate the evidence and discover what lies beneath the surface of frenziedwaters.com”.

2) Glass jar, rusted metal lid, covered with salt as if it spent time in the ocean.

3) Fake shark tooth, attached by wire to an oxidized copper rectangle with the URL www.frenziedwaters.com inscribed on it. If you go to the URL there are four jars floating in the ocean, one is clickable that will put a Frenzied Waters link on your Facebook page. Two are future dated, presumably actionable then. One has a series of longitude and latitude points. I have not plugged them in and seen where they lead. Anyone who’d like to is welcome to post the results in a comment.

4) Key float with an oxidized copper key. Float reads “Discovery Marina, SW09” [i.e. Shark Week, ’09]

5) Tiny fake newspaper clipping (someone was mining Facebook, and adding some editorial fun):


Second photo:

Swim trunks, shredded with fake blood.


Third photo:

Warning Sign. If you call the phone number it’s an “advisory” message.


Besides the obvious, “spread the Facebook love” and come back on July 13 and 20 for more fun, I’m not sure what to make of it, but am happy to hear what other folks think that we should do.

Update: Some people cannot see the coordinates by the left most floating jar at frenziedwaters.com. Below is a screen capture with them, but they aren’t linked to any action. I was able to see them using Safari, but with Firefox I saw the Asbury Park, 1916 image below.

Commenter Jim Lehane has mapped the coordinates as follows. Anyone in their neighborhoods is welcome to investigate.

  1. Wise Surfboards, 800 Great Hwy., San Francisco
  2. Merz Apothecary, 4716 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL
  3. Abandoned building with the name “Andersson Marine” on it at 12712 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
  4. House near the corner of E 7th St and S Williams St (~ 126 E 7th St) in Detroit.
  5. Antiques Market (can’t read exact name) at 534 14th St NW, Atlanta Georgia.
  6. Outside the Manhattan Plaza Health Club – ~468 W 43rd St, New York, NY
  7. Store called Pandemonium (~2404 Homer St, Dallas, TX)
  8. Hotel in Miami Beach. Gansevoort South Hotel?. ~2438 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL
  9. Store, Blue Fin at 2309 18th St, Washington DC
  10. Masquerade Costume Superstore – 1100 S Columbus Blvd, Philadelhia PA
  11. Entrance to I think Nautical Prints, but the door says Lannan Ship Model Gallery on it. It is at the corner of Congress and Purchase Streets, boston, MA.


This is what I see on the left most floating jar using Firefox, it links to a flash video of a shark attack from the first person perspective of the victim.


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