Girl Meets World

Tonight, Girl Meets World premieres on the Disney Channel at the unusual start time of 9:45PM, following the premiere of the original movie Zapped. It’s a show that may appeal as much to the adult 18-49 demographic as to Disney Channel’s kids and tween target demographics because it’s a sequel to the beloved 1990s ABC TGIF sit-com Boy Meets World. Generation Y, or at least the percentage of it that posts about TV on social media, is excited by the prospect of watching a thirtysomething Cory and Topanga raise their teen daughter. A similar set-up worked incredibly well for the reboot of Degrassi. However, the broad, G rated, child-centered Disney Channel style of storytelling may not be entertaining to adults who might prefer the hypothetical FX version of the show in which Topanga is really bitter that she gave up Yale for Cory.  On February 16, the finale of Disney Channel’s family comedy Good Luck Charlie garnered a 0.9 adults 18-49 rating, tying with True Detective and Shameless. Girl Meets World should benefit from the lack of competition on Fridays in the summer. How do you think it will do?


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