The internet is buzzing with more details about the possible on-line revival of All My Children and One Life To Live by production company Prospect Park.

Some great investigative reporting by Daytime Confidential and Soaps Uncensored has uncovered the following details:

The current plans are for each show to produce four half-hour episodes a week with a recap show streaming on Fridays. This is scaled back from last year’s goal of daily hour long episodes. There will be episodes produced 42 weeks a year.

The shows would tape in Stamford, Connecticut in the same production facility as Maury. Tax incentives make Connecticut a more affordable filming location than New York City or Los Angeles. Since the original sets for the shows have been dismantled, new sets are being designed.

Though Prospect Park has signed deals with the DGA (the union that represents directors) and SAG/Aftra( the actors union), it plans to circumvent the Writer’s Guild by using daytime writers who took financial core status during the last strike. (Deadline’s article wrongly singles out the writers of The Young & the Restless. There were some writers on each soap who opted to go financial core, while other writers chose to remain full union members.)

There is no word yet on whether the deals with 15 One Life to Live actors and two All My Children actors that were signed in 2011 are still binding. Complicating matters are the three One Life to Live characters who joined General Hospital. If Prospect Park wants to use them in the on-line version, GH may have to write them off, regardless of whether the actors who play them sign on to the on-line show.

Ginger Smith, a longtime AMC producer, has been tapped as the Executive Producer for the on-line AMC. There is no word on who will shepherd OLTL now that the former executive producer of the soap have moved onto General Hospital.


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