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In Head-to-Head Competition, “One Life to Live” Tops the Launch of CBS’ Highly-Publicized “The Talk” by 13% in Total Viewers and 19% in Women 18-49

“The View” Tops the “The Talk” by an Impressive 1.6 Million Total Viewers

and by 25% Among Women 18-49

ABC Daytime

Against the highly-promoted debut of CBS’ “The Talk,” in head-to-head competition at 2 o’clock, ABC’s daytime drama “One Life to Live ” defeated “The Talk” by a solid 13% in Total Viewers (2.5 million vs. 2.2 million) and 19% among Women 18-49 (690,000 vs. 581,000).

  • ABC’s “The View” defeated “The Talk” by impressive margins across the board, including by 1.6 million in Total Viewers, or 73% (3.8 million vs. 2.2 million), and by 25% among Women 18-49 (729,000 vs. 581,000).
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