Sorry ‘All My Children’ fans, but the online debut of the show which was allegedly going to happen in January has reportedly been put on hold, at least for a few months.

Prospect Park, which licensed the online rights to both ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live’ plans to hold off on its January debut of AMC so that it can focus on getting ‘One Life to Live’ online.  Amidst many reports that Prospect Park has struggled in its negotiations to sign deals with ‘All My Children’ stars as well as reports that Prospect Park hasn’t been able to raise the money to produce both shows, I won’t be very surprised if ‘All My Children’ never shows up online.

Prospect Park has had better luck inking deals with ‘One Life to Live’ stars, so focusing on that does make a bit more sense, especially since ‘All My Children’ has already been off the air for a while, and ‘One Life to Live’ doesn’t end its run on ABC until January 2012, and Prospect Park still has a chance to to ride OLTL’s ABC finale into its online launch. I won’t be too surprised if that doesn’t go according to plan either though.

Posted by:TV By The Numbers

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