First, an important note. has restated some of their earlier sales estimates for TV show DVD sales. For example, they had originally estimated that through June 28, True Blood had sold 1.188 million units, now their revised estimate through June 28 is 1.021 million units. There were adjustments to other show’s numbers as well. I will not be going back to adjust numbers in my earlier posts though, refer directly to for their revisions.

In its opening week, Entourage – The Complete Fifth Season sold over 167,000 units to lead TV show DVD sales estimates for the week ending July 5, 2009. A nice number, but compare that to the estimated 516,000 units for the first week of True Blood in its first week.

Reasonably close behind in its opening week was Stargate Atlantis – The Complete Fifth Season which began with just over 100,000 units sold. The third TV show to begin sales for the week, Eastbound & Down: The Complete First Season sold an estimated 58,000 units.

Huge seller True Blood is still on the list, with sales drifting down a modest 26% to just over 50,000 units sold on the week. It may only have another week or two on the top 30 list we see, but we will still be able to track its progress on the year’s top DVD seller list.

Family Guy – Volume 7 was just behind True Blood for the week, with an estimated 48,000 units.

Weeds – Season Four fell off the list after 4 weeks on sale. notes that no new TV shows will begin DVD sales this week.

US TV Show DVD Sales for Week Ending July 5, 2009

Title Units this Week % Change Total Units Sales this Week Total Sales Weeks in Release
Entourage – The Complete Fifth Season 167,024 167,024 $4,052,002 $4,052,002 1
Stargate Atlantis – The Complete Fifth Season 106,161 106,161 $3,297,361 $3,297,361 1
Eastbound & Down: The Complete First Season 58,586 58,586 $966,083 $966,083 1
True Blood: The Complete First Season 50,500 -26.10% 1,071,548 $1,622,565 $37,182,984 7
Family Guy – Volume 7 48,912 -53.20% 325,460 $1,215,463 $8,947,745 3

You can see past weekly lists of TV Show DVD Sales numbers here.


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