Emmy darling Mad Men was also the DVD sales darling its first week in release with nearly 100,000 units sold. Although, that’s not a particularly impressive first week total. True Blood and 24 both had much more impressive first week sales.

I’d never heard of The State, the #2 DVD seller for the week.  It aired on MTV about 15 years ago, way past my MTV viewing days.

2009’s TV show DVD sales leader, True Blood: The Complete First Season, saw its unit sales increase 8% to just under 50,000 for the week. It keeps hanging on and is now the #15 DVD seller by revenue for the year. 24 is the only other TV show on the year’s top 50 at #45.

Four other titles are near the bottom of the overall top 30 DVD sellers and could all be in the last week we will see their sales information. Weeds – Season Four has sold 414,000 units, and has been on our list 5 weeks out of the 7 its been on sale. Family Guy – Volume 7 has sold 406,480 in 5 weeks . Stargate Atlantis – The Complete Fifth Season unit sales dropped to 38,988 in its third week.  In its third week, Entourage – The Complete Fifth Season unit sales fell 47% to 37,164.

Even though it was the first week of sales for ER – The Complete Eleventh Season it didn’t appear on the top 30 seller list that we see. NHL: Stanley Cup 2008-2009 Champions: Pittsburgh Penguins fell off the list after only one week.

Next week we will see the opening week DVD sales numbers for Monk – Season Seven, Prison Break – The Final Break, Psych: The Complete Second Season, Pushing Daisies – The Complete Second Season, and Stargate SG-1: Children of the Gods.

US TV Show DVD Sales for Week Ending July 19, 2009

Title Units this Week % Change Total Units Sales this Week Total Sales Weeks in Release
Mad Men: Season 2 94,774 94,774 $3,173,981 $3,173,981 1
The State: The Complete Series 51,555 51,555 $1,803,909 $1,803,909 1
True Blood: The Complete First Season 48,528 8.20% 1,164,914 $1,618,409 $40,190,922 9
Family Guy – Volume 7 40,279 -1.10% 406,480 $836,998 $10,701,008 5
Stargate Atlantis – The Complete Fifth Season 38,988 13.60% 179,473 $1,018,756 $5,294,008 3
Weeds – Season Four 37,205 -16.00% 414,292 $515,289 $9,507,366 7
Entourage – The Complete Fifth Season 37,164 -47.70% 275,233 $602,057 $5,896,636 3
24 – Season Seven 538,649 $17,630,872 9

You can see past weekly lists of TV Show DVD Sales numbers here.

Source: the-numbers.com

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