Not only did The Office’s fifth season dominate all TV show DVD sales for the week ending September 13, 2009, but in a week with limited movie releases, The Office was the #1 DVD of the week overall leading all movie and TV show sales.  Both in total units (407, 426) and sales ($13.9 million). 

The Office’s sales were down in terms of units vs. the first week sales of season four last year, at 417,486 units, but due to higher unit pricing (and more episodes because there was not a strike-shortened season last year like there was with season four), The Office pulled in a bit more revenue this year in its first week.  Last year in its first week The Office season four had $12.9 million in sales.

Fringe’s first season DVD was the second-most purchased TV Show DVD and the fourth-most purchased DVD overall selling over 103,000 units and $3.85 million in revenue.   Since it’s Fringe’s first season, I can’t compare it to last year.  I can compare it to last week when Heroes was the top TV show DVD with over 296K units and $11.1 million in sales in its first week of release and Supernatural sold over 238,000 units for $8.7 million in its first week.  By that comparison, it doesn’t really seem so great.

The only other new show appearing on the list was Criminal Minds which sold over 42,000 units and had $1.5 million in sales.

But the first week of Criminal Minds sales trailed the  Heroes Season 3’s second week on the list, as well as Supernatural’s second week and also True Blood’s 17th week on the list.

True Blood has now sold over 1.5 million units and has racked up over $53.5 million in sales according to estimates.  To see how all these shows did plus Two and a Half Men (2nd week), Dexter (4th week), Sons of Anarchy (4th week), House (3rd week) and Smallville (3rd week) did for the week ending 9/13, click on over to

TV Show DVD Sales Week ending September 13, 2009

Title Units this Week % Change Total Units Sales this Week Total Sales Weeks in Release
The Office – Season Five 407,426 407,426 $13,905,449 $13,905,449 1
Fringe: The Complete First Season 103,405 103,405 $3,854,938 $3,854,938 1
Heroes – Season Three 85,559 -71.90% 390,527 $3,207,607 $14,640,857 2
Supernatural – The Complete Fourth Season 57,121 -76.70% 302,168 $2,288,267 $11,212,879 2
True Blood: The Complete First Season 44,409 -30.00% 1,536,424 $1,531,666 $53,517,279 17
Criminal Minds: The Complete Fourth Season 42,413 42,413 $1,517,537 $1,517,537 1
Two and a Half Men – The Complete Sixth Season 38,746 -62.30% 141,610 $1,305,740 $3,722,016 2
Dexter – The Complete Third Season 36,220 -38.70% 499,233 $1,259,732 $12,447,160 4
Sons of Anarchy – Season One 34,590 6.50% 207,277 $1,106,534 $6,630,791 4
House, M.D. – Season Five 33,857 -64.40% 380,892 $1,503,928 $12,092,733 3
Smallville: The Complete Eighth Season 29,624 -48.10% 293,080 $1,080,980 $10,694,489 3
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