Melissa Grego at Broadcasting and Cable writes that NBC is seriously considering airing the Emmy Awards live coast-to-coast and scrapping the west coast tape delay.

The story cites wide availability of the winners on the Internet ) as well as ratings improvements for the Golden Globe Awards on NBC when it scrapped tape delays.  But, the article notes that CBS still went with a tape delay for the Grammy Awards, and those ratings spiked, even more than the increases to the Golden Globes, to the highest levels since 2004.

I’m not an award show guy, so I don’t have much of an opinion.  I found the notion of the double-edged sword of Twitter and Facebook (and, of course, blogs) interesting.  On one hand, outcomes are known in advance, removing any suspense.  On the other hand,  word of mouth on “must-see” performances can create viewing potential where none might have otherwise existed.

The Oscars have typically aired live nationwide and will again on March 7.

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