TV Tattle today suggests that Damages cancellation might not yet be officially official because FX doesn’t want to hurt its Emmy chances.

When the cast and crew have been notified the show is done on FX, it’s official whether FX has announced it or not.  Even without gunning for Emmys, FX wasn’t likely to put out a press release celebrating the show’s demise, though the Emmy consideration likely does explain why FX isn’t forthcoming about status even when asked directly.

But if FX’s goal is more Emmys for Damages, I wonder if it shouldn’t announce the cancellation instead of staying mum.  There are more than a few people who lament that shows like Damages can’t succeed,  and it gives the Emmy voters the opportunity to make a statement.  Sure, the statement amounts to “Ha! We’ll show you, we’re voting for the canceled show!”  But there’s something to be said for the sympathy vote.

Though even at its peak in season one, I found Damages good rather than great,  Glenn Close was great.  Nobody will be too surprised to see her walk off with another statuette whether FX announces the show’s cancellation or not.

Posted by:TV By The Numbers

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