And wow = terms like “holy” and biblical names surrounded by expletives.

If you’re in LA and see Kurt Sutter and he’s wearing a trench coat…run.   There’s probably a sawed off shotgun under there.  Maybe I’m just projecting.  That or the fantasy scene of  Sutter going all Omar from The Wire and going on a shooting spree at HBO and Showtime makes me feel better. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for the fans of True Blood and Dexter.  I’m happy for HBO and Showtime, too.     I’m not surprised Sons of Anarchy didn’t get a best drama nod (or any other nod at all for that matter),  I am a bit surprised that True Blood was nominated for Outstanding Drama.  Given the Emmy voter inertia,  Dexter being nominated for Outstanding Drama is no surprise.

Opinions on these things are of course subjective.  I enjoyed the heck out of the second season of True Blood for the most part, and found it both fun and compelling television.  Art, I’m not sure about that — but I still enjoyed it.  I’m  surprised it got a best drama shout out.

While I liked a lot of season 4 of Dexter there were parts I completely fast-forwarded over.

Mad Men is Mad Men, and I do think it may be the best intersection of art and compelling television, so it is no surprise.

It was Lost’s last season.   You know Cal Ripken is going to the All-Star game in his final season no matter what his batting average is (and whatever you think of Lost’s finale, it was still an All-Star for me in its final year).

I still haven’t sniffed the Breaking Bad glue, perhaps a summer project.

I watched and liked The Good Wife.  But, it’s no Sons of Anarchy.  The SOA snub for best drama would be easier to take if it would have gotten some other nomination(s).  But it was shutout and it’s hard not to view that as a ridiculous snub.

This post would be easier  (and much more fun) to write if this was the sort of site where it was common to surround biblical names with expletives.

Update:  about 15 minutes after I posted this, Sutter gave his take on the snubbing in a post titled “We Don’t Like Your Kind.”   Alas, no trench coats or sawed-off shotguns.

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