ABC has anounced the largest number of new shows for next fall, but NBC has the most new show hours. NBC, with The Jay Leno Show, has the most unscripted hours a week with 12, but ABC is right behind with 11. CBS has the most hours of original scripted shows, but the CW has the highest share of programming dedicated to original scripted shows and NBC has the lowest share. ABC and NBC dedicate one night a week to live sports, but CBS and CW have no regularly scheduled prime time sports.

What was NBC’s Ben Silverman’s claim about his relative share of scripted programming? By any measure, NBC has the least new scripted programming on broadcast prime-time television.

Enjoy the comparisons of the broadcast schedules.

2009 Fall Broadcast TV Schedules Comparison Details

New Shows 8 5 3 3 5
New Hours 6 4.5 3 2 7.5
% New Hours 27% 20% 30% 13% 34%
Unscripted Hours 11 4 2 6 12
% Unscripted Hours 50% 18% 20% 40% 55%
Original Scripted Hours* 11 16 8 9 8
% Unscripted Hours 50% 73% 80% 60% 36%
Scheduled Repeat Hours* 0 2 1 0.5 2
% Scheduled Repeat Hours 0% 9% 10% 3% 9%
Primetime Sports Hours** 3 0 0 1 4
% Primetime Sports Hours 14% 0% 0% 7% 18%

*Of course every network runs repeats during the season, but not every network has repeats scheduled into their own regular timeslots (ex. CBS Crimetime Saturday, NBC Saturday night drama repeats). Original Scripted Hours are scheduled original show hours, Scheduled Repeat Show Hours are scheduled repeat only hours.

**These are sports hours regularly scheduled throughout the season. There are other sporting events (like baseball playoffs) that air in primetime, but only during limited periods of time.
You can see all our information about the 2009 Fall Broadcast TV Schedules here.

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