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Celebrity Rides: Jay’s Duesenberg

Mini-Series Premiere: September 8 at 8pm ET

DIY Network’s six-part series, Celebrity Rides: Jay’s Duesenberg, is an in-depth look at the restoration of Jay Leno’s famed “Last Duesenberg.”  Along with world-renowned Duesenberg specialist, Randy Ema, they show step-by-step how they bring a daring Duesy back to life for the most jaw-dropping vehicle restoration ever presented.  Viewers might be surprised to learn that Jay’s car skills are equal to his comedy skills. He’s the absolute real deal in the shop. Viewers witness this amazing car being reborn and laugh along with Jay and Randy on DIY Network’s Celebrity Rides: Jay’s  Duesenberg.


Have Fork Will Travel

Network Premiere: September 14 at 5pm ET

Food lover and comedian Zane Lamprey is on a mission to prove that the way to the world’s heart is through its stomach in “Have Fork, Will Travel.”  He’s traveling the globe to celebrate one thing that people everywhere do–eat! Zane tries to broaden his American sensibilities as he encounters a world of strange foods and customs. Whether attending a traditional Norwegian BBQ under the midnight sun or visiting a 150-year old floating market in Bangkok, Zane engages in local traditions with often hilarious results. He’ll eat–or at least try–almost anything to learn about people and their culture through their food.



Premiere: September 9-12 at 10pm ET/PT

Fashion shows provide lots of glitz and glamour, but what happens behind-the-scenes, before the models take to the runway? In The Day Before, which will air as part of Sundance Channel’s new FULL FRONTAL FASHION lineup, international legends of style will open their doors with unprecedented inside access to the 36 hours prior to a designer’s show.  The series covers the global fashion calendar – from Sonia Rykiel’s 40th anniversary celebration in Paris in October to Proenza Schouler in New York in February, Fendi by Karl Lagerfeld in Milan in March, and Jean Paul Gaultier’s haute couture show in Paris in July – capturing designers at this key moment when creativity and business come together. Each house has its own unique energy, mood, character and rhythm, and its fair share of moments of panic, last minute inspirations and ego-unleashing. “The Day Before” is directed by Loic Prigent (director of Signe Chanel, Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton) and produced by Deralf and Story Box Press. The schedule for The Day Before is as follows:

  • Wednesday, September 9 at 10pm e/p

The Day Before Sonia Rykiel

Episode 1: Sonia Rykiel, the flame-haired Parisian known for her chic, playful knitwear, marks her house’s 40th anniversary with her October runway show in Paris.

  • Thursday, September 10 at 10pm e/p

The Day Before Proenza Schouler

Episode 2: Whiz kids Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler send out their Fall 2009 collection in New York in February.

  • Friday, September 11 at 10pm e/p

The Day Before Fendi by Karl Lagerfeld

Episode 3: The unflappable Karl Lagerfeld presents his Fendi Fall 2009 collection in Milan in March.

  • Saturday, September 12 at 10pm e/p

The Day Before Jean Paul Gaultier

The final episode captures fashion at its most rarefied and magical, as it goes behind the scenes at Jean Paul Gaultier’s July haute couture show in Paris.

*Sept 9th also marks the launch of the FULL FRONTAL FASHION site which will live on the Sundance Channel website (sundancechannel.com/fullfrontalfashion) and will evolve into a stand-alone site by Spring 2010. The new site will include New York Fashion Week coverage by photographer Patrick McMullan; daily commentary from top fashion columnists including Lynn Yaeger and an exclusive online exhibition of photos and films by Bruce Webber. The site

offers a sophisticated yet accessible look at the world of contemporary fashion, with news, exclusive video and timely dispatches from behind-the-scenes at Fashion Week, exclusive parties  and ateliers.

Premiere: September 21-25th at 10pm ET/PT

Sundance Channel’s provocative and eye-opening documentary series  Brick City, executive produced by Forest Whitaker and filmmakers Marc Levin and Mark Benjamin, takes an in-depth and no-holds-barred look at the immense challenges facing the city of Newark, New Jersey and its outspoken and charismatic mayor, Cory Booker.  Making its television debut Monday, September 21st at 10pm et/pt and airing for five consecutive nights, the program puts an illuminating spotlight on this inner city’s struggles and the resilient community leaders, civil servants and life-long residents committed to making Newark a model for urban renewal in America. Brick City introduces viewers to the key figures in the city of Newark, who stand on the front lines day-in and day-out, from real estate developers to gang members and the police director.  Their poignant stories unfold and organically intertwine in the midst of great change on a national scale, with the election of President Obama and a looming economic crisis.



Premiere: September 12 at 10:00pm et/pt

Adoption Diaries is a groundbreaking and emotional new series chronicling the open adoption process and amazing journey of birth mothers and adoptive parents, as brought together by Jennifer Bliss, counselor and PsyD., and her team at Independent Adoption Center . Each episode follows a different compelling story from the beginning stages, as a birth mother is faced with the daunting task of choosing her baby’s future family. Viewers follow along as a couple is selected and hear their own unique back-story, many of which include years of roller coaster emotions surrounding this process and decision.  Each set of adoptive parents works closely with Jennifer Bliss to develop what will be a lifelong relationship with the birth mother. Together they share in the experience of creating a family, from pregnancy through birth. Open adoption is a unique process, filled with overwhelming emotions as life is gifted from one mother to another, and families brought together for the sake of a child’s future.



Ultimate Sportsman’s Lodge

Mini-Series Premiere: Friday, October 2 at 9pm ET

This new series will take viewers to the stunning wilds of Montana as legendary outdoorsman Chris Dorsey builds DIY Network’s Ultimate Sportsman’s Lodge. Over five episodes and with guest contributor and comedian Jeff Foxworthy, DIY Network will reveal the entire build of an incredible lodge on Meriwether Ranch in western Montana. Some highlights of the design include the Top-of-the-Food-Chain trophy-and-gun room, the Eat-Like-a-Wild-Man kitchen, the Angler’s Landing Covered Deck and Fire Pit and the Liar’s Bar. No sportsman will want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime building experience.

Disaster House

Season Premiere: Tuesday, October 6 at 10pm ET

As other networks build and improve homes, we actually have the guts to build up a house and wreck it, every week. DIY Network’s very own Disaster House suffers real damage and gets repaired on a weekly basis.  From 2,000-pound trees falling from cranes to simulated hail storms with 10,000 golf balls plummeting from a helicopter, DIY Network’s audience will discover just what it takes to repair some of the biggest mishaps homeowners actually face.



Premiere: October 2 at 10:30pm ET/11:30pm PT

Each week, three of New York City’s best bartenders are out to kick some ice as they take shots at each other in a showdown of skills, smarts, and spirits on TV’s only drinking game, Fine Living Network’s new competitiion series, Bartender Wars.  Hosted by TV and radio personality Egypt Sherrod each half-hour episode features three bartenders as they face off in a series of challenges, from seeing who can get the biggest tips or the most phone numbers to creating the most unusual – and delicious – cocktails.



PREMIERE: October 7 at 10pm ET/PT

Keith Johnson has the job we all want.  As buyer at large for inspirational lifestyle store Anthropologie, Keith travels the globe six months out of the year in a never-ending search for the world’s most beautiful, unique and desired treasures.  From the flea markets of Paris to the tribal villages of South Africa, Man Shops Globe is an adventure in shopping on a global scale as Keith rediscovers the world one amazing object at a time.   Produced by World of Wonder.

  • Wednesday, October 7 at 10pm e/p

“France” – Anthropologie is in need of large-scale furniture for existing stores and for the new locations that will soon open in the U.K.  Keith sets out for France to the flea markets and antique stores that are reliably filled with sizeable pieces.

  • Wednesday, October 15 at 10pm e/p

“South Africa” – Keith is looking for African artists whose work feels fresh and exciting on his latest trip to South Africa, and he has asked his African agent Trevyn McGowan to lead him to “anything different, anything unusual.”  Trevyn suggests focusing on ceramics, one of South Africa’s major strengths, and she has places in mind in Capetown and Johannesburg.

  • Wednesday, October 22 at 10pm e/p

“Turkey” – Keith heads to Turkey in search of unique and inspiring Asian textiles and fabrics.  He is joined by a contingent of Anthropologie colleagues, as well as one of his agents and a translator. They have just three days to find their quarry, and begin their hunt at Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, the world’s oldest operating bazaar. There is no shortage of beautiful and special textiles, but their expense means that Keith must find a clever way to re-purpose the fabrics as affordable, appealing merchandise.   It’s a task that will require a Turkish artisan with skills, knowledge and connections.



THE PRISONER (Mini-Series)

Premieres November 2009

Based on the original 1960s series created by Patrick McGoohan, the six one-hour episodes of The Prisoner tell the story of a man who resigns from his job, and wakes up to find himself inexplicably trapped in a mysterious and surreal place, The Village, with no memory of how he arrived.  Jim Caviezel will play the title role of “Number Six,” and two-time Oscar nominee Ian McKellen co-stars playing the role of “Number Two.”




Premieres: Friday, January 22 at 10pm ET/PT

Spartacus: Blood and Sand is a graphic and visceral account of Rome’s most famous gladiator, starring Andy Whitfield and Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess).  When Spartacus is separated from the love of his life, he is forced into the bloodthirsty arena, where a grisly death is primetime entertainment. He must fight for survival, befriend his enemies and play politics in this new world of corruption, violence, sex and fame. But his passion will give him the strength to prevail over every obstacle in this modern tale of death, honor and endurance. This series, 13 one-hour episodes, is executive produced by heavy-hitters Sam Raimi (Spider-Man and Evil Dead), Rob Tapert (The Grudge, “Xena: Warrior Princess” and “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys”) and Steven DeKnight (“Smallville,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”).


JOHNNY WEIR: POP STAR ON ICE (Documentary film)

Premieres: Monday, December 28 at 10:00pm ET/PT

Johnny Weir was born and raised in Coatesville, Pennsylvania and started skating very late for a figure skater, at the age of twelve. Four years later, he was the World Junior Champion. Johnny placed fifth at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino and is a three time National Champion as well as the 2008 World Bronze Medalist. Unlike most figure skaters, Johnny is a clockwise spinner and jumper. He is known for his quick wit, his fashion sense, his ‘sparkly onesie’ costumes which he designs himself, and his tremendous natural talent and grace on the ice. Jon Heder’s character in Blades of Glory was based on Johnny Weir.  Johnny Weir: Pop Star on Ice features Weir as he struggles to overcome his disappointment at the 2006 Winter Olympics and live up to his natural talent on the ice. Johnny Weir:  Pop Star on Ice is directed and produced by James Pellerito and David Barba.


Premieres: Monday, January 4 at 10:00pm et/pt

The eight-part original series Be Good Johnny Weir picks up the story where Pop Star on Ice (the documentary film premieres on Sundance Channel Monday, December 28 at 10 PM ET/PT) leaves off, as Johnny trains and tries out for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. The looming question throughout is can Weir avoid the distractions that make him such a pop culture sensation and focus on winning? Be Good Johnny Weir is directed and Executive Produced by James Pellerito and David Barba and produced by Original Media (“LA Ink”, “The Rachel Zoe Project”).




10 Best: Outdoor Projects

Special Premiere: Monday, September 7 at 7pm ET

There are millions of outdoor projects to choose from and the folks at DIY have narrowed them down to the Ten Best Outdoor Projects.  In this one hour special, our team of DIY experts gives tips, techniques, and creative concepts to tackle outdoor projects.  With this knowledge, and a little bit of sweat, you’ll make your house more like a home.


Special Premiere: Tuesday, September 29 at 9pm ET

DIY Network has teamed up with the ultimate television destination for baseball fans, MLB Network, for the first-ever, “Who Wants a Man Cave” contest. This one-hour special follows DIY Network’s Man Caves hosts, former NFL player Tony “Goose” Siragusa and licensed contractor Jason Cameron, and MLB Network’s Harold Reynolds and Mitch Williams, as they transform a space in the winner’s home into the ultimate man cave equipped with official MLB merchandise from their favorite team, high-tech toys and deluxe furnishings.  This Man Cave is fit for the major leagues!

Fine living network



Who doesn’t love cooking over an open fire? It adds flavor you just can’t get any other way. FLN counts down our favorite mouthwatering methods for grilling everything from ribs, burgers and a whole pig to veggies, chicken and even lobster! Get ready to take a delicious tour of how America “gets its grill on”!

Great American Beer Festival

Network Premiere: September 15 at 9pm ET/10pm PT

FLN delves into the country’s largest celebration of beer with a special that follows three brewers as they travel to Denver, Colorado in hopes of winning a gold medal at the prestigious Great American Beer Festival.


Starz Inside: Comics on Screen

Premiere: September 8 at 10pm ET/PT

Starz Inside: Comics on Screen explores how many comedians transitioned from stage to the big screen. Some of the film stars (and directors) who got their professional start doing stand up, or performing in comedy troupes include Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, Will Farrell, Woody Allen, Tina Fey, Mike Myers, Jamie Foxx, Whoopi Goldberg, Richard Pryor and Adam Sandler.  Those interviewed for the special include George Lopez, Cedric the Entertainer, Dane Cook, Joan Rivers, Marlon Wayans, Andrew Dice Clay and actor/director Harold Ramis.



Premieres September 9 at 8pm ET/PT

Created by Sesame Workshop, the group behind Sesame Street, this hour-long special is hosted by Al Roker, Deborah Roberts and Elmo, providing tips and strategies to help families with young children ages two to eight during hard economic times. Special also features financial expert Jean Chatzky and Dr. Joshua Coleman, parenting and relationship expert.




Premiere:  October 20 at 9PM ET

Style expert Lloyd Boston helps three women–a recent college grad in her twenties, a stay-at-home mom in her thirties and a career woman in her forties–find their own unique styles in Lloyd Boston’s Style At Any Age. They have different lifestyles, issues and budgets that Lloyd addresses individually, touching not only on the surface elements of fashion, but also the tools each needs to help them pursue their distinct goals and achieve the look they want for themselves.



Premieres Monday, October 26th at 8:00 p.m. ET

Chef Emeril Lagasse will take viewers to one of the country’s most progressive and dedicated organic and sustainable farming areas – Sonoma and Napa Valleys. At the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley, see a school leading the way with its commitment to local ingredients and sustainable farming practices.  New students arrive each semester to study the art of food preparation, and wine education; with the land so rich in ingredients, they quickly come to realize the importance of knowing where their food has been grown.  While the school may provide the canvas for these culinary artists in training, the local farms and food purveyors supply the materials.  Follow a few students and teachers as they mix it up with Chef Emeril to create a local, seasonal menu from ingredients all from within a 150 miles radius. Beginning in October, Chef Emeril’s tour of wine country will include: visiting a farm that uses solar power and biodiesel fuels for all its energy needs, learning more about sustainable fishing and water conservation practices and exploring the in’s and out’s of organic farms.


Network Premiere + Season 3 Premiere: Wednesday, October 21 at 9pm ET/PT
Living With Ed chronicles the day to day, eco-friendly adventures of actor Ed Begley, Jr. and his wife Rachelle, as they navigate life in Los Angeles with Ed always trying to leave the smallest possible carbon footprint in his wake. This season follows the dynamic couple as they embark on exploits including an unlikely trip to Vegas (yes, Ed in Vegas), a wedding anniversary getaway only Ed could organize and a major home renovation not to be missed.  Other new features this season include an “On the Road with Ed” video diary and a host of new companion elements on PlanetGreen.com including original webisodes with Ed and Rachelle, blogs and special interactive events.



Premiere: October 13 at 10pm ET/PT

Featuring clips from a vast library of zombie films and zombie “experts,” this special traces the evolution of the zombie from its roots in African folklore and Haitian Voodoo to its current role as pop culture icon. It uncovers what it is about this flesh-eating ghoul that appeals to millions of discriminating horror enthusiasts. High-profile films like Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead and dozens of others have paved the way for an onslaught of low budget independent zombie films across North America. It’s quite evident that zombies are still undeniably hot and fans can’t seem to get enough of them.  Besides, zombies do exist, don’t they?


DIY Network

Stud Finder 2009

Special Premiere: Monday, November 16 at 10pm ETDIY Network’s latest edition of Stud Finder is on a mission to find the next do-it-yourself star. We’re searching nationwide to see who’s got the right combination of chops and charisma. The winner walks away with the grand prize — their very own show on DIY Network. Tune in to the one-hour special to see the five finalists in head-to-head competition with one another. Only one can win!

Cool Tools Hardware Show 2009

Special Premiere: Thursday, November 26 at 8pm ET

Come along with Cool Tools host Chris Grundy to the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, and check out over 850-thousand square feet of the latest and greatest in tools.

Cool Tools Inventors CHALLENGE

Special Premiere: Thursday, November 26 at 7pm ET

The search for America’s coolest tool is here – officially! Are you a cool-tool inventor? Have you created a cool tool of your own? Have a great idea for how to make an existing tool even better? If you’ve come up with a gizmo, gadget or a twist on an existing tool that you would like to be featured on Cool Tools, show us! Upload your videos online at www.diynetwork.com/cooltools and be sure to tell us about your invention and yourself! If it’s clever enough, it might be picked to be on a future episode of Cool Tools – and you win $10,000!

Cool Tools: TOP 25

Special Premiere: November 26 at 10pm ET

Of the hundreds of tools on Cool Tools, which ones are the coolest? Find out as Cool Tools: The 25 Coolest counts down the top tools – 25 favorites as determined by viewers. Find out what makes the cut as DIY revisits the best of the best from gardening tools, power saws, laser levels, specialty ladders, nail guns, tool boxes and a whole lot more. The judging is simple. The winners are the tools with the most hits on our Web site!

Fine living network

Ham on Turkey

Network Premiere: November 2 at 3pm ET

This year, celebrate Turkey Day with a heaping helping of Ham on Turkey! George Duran takes historic Plymouth Plantation by storm in a one-hour special that serves up Thanksgiving as only the Ham on the Street host can. He and the Pilgrim re-enactors explore the culinary culture clash between present day and early colonial life. George stages the first-ever Mayflower Pizza Party and unveils the hottest trend in turkey roasting-the bicycle- powered mega-rotisserie! One thing’s for sure–Thanksgiving will never taste the same.


THE GLASS HOUSE (Documentary Film)

Premieres November 16 at 9pm ET/PT

The Glass House skillfully examines the mostly hidden lives of young women, teetering on the fringes of Iranian society in modern Tehran. Marginalized by their families, these women have found a saving grace in a day center formed by an Iranian expatriate. Marjaneh Halati opened the center to give downtrodden young women a voice, thus empowering them with the life skills they need to succeed on their own. Many of these teens previously spent time in a jail, hospital, or state home because they had no other options. The young women see Marjaneh as both a mother figure and a mentor and cherish her frequent visits from London. In superb cinema vérité style spanning 18 months, The Glass House deftly portrays a spirit of hopefulness. These former victims are given the chance to express themselves and transform their difficult circumstances into new beginnings.



Premiere: November 10 at 10pm ET/PT

This special explores how sexually charged films reflect our own sexual liberation.  It will unzip America’s obsession with sex, both from a cinematic and social perspective, exposing the hypocrisy inherent in our culture’s war against eroticism (be it film, art, literature or song lyrics).  The special will look at many films that push the boundary, from mainstream studio films to product that comes from the porn industry.


Fine living network


Network Premiere:  December 26 at 11pm ET/12pm PT

Comedian Zane Lamprey who can say “I’m buying” in 12 languages, stars in the international drinking tour “Three Sheets.” The job has taken him to over 50 countries, where he has visited countless watering holes, consumed innumerable libations, and experienced his share of debilitating hangovers.  From the finest Champagnes and Cognacs, to knocking back Viper Rum in Belize and 172-proof and bubble-gum flavored Lambanog in the Philippines, Lamprey offers viewers a great window on leisure time libations throughout the world. On this special, Lamprey explores one of the world’s most popular spots to ring in the New Year, the Big Apple.


Johnny Weir:  Pop Star on Ice (Documentary film)

Premieres: Monday, December 28 at 10:00pm ET/PT

Johnny Weir was born and raised in Coatesville, Pennsylvania and started skating very late for a figure skater, at the age of twelve. Four years later, he was the World Junior Champion. Johnny placed fifth at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino and is a three time National Champion as well as the 2008 World Bronze Medalist. Unlike most figure skaters, Johnny is a clockwise spinner and jumper. He is known for his quick wit, his fashion sense, his ‘sparkly onesie’ costumes which he designs himself, and his tremendous natural talent and grace on the ice. Jon Heder’s character in Blades of Glory was based on Johnny Weir.  Johnny Weir: Pop Star on Ice features Weir as he struggles to overcome his disappointment at the 2006 Winter Olympics and live up to his natural talent on the ice. Johnny Weir:  Pop Star on Ice is directed and produced by James Pellerito and David Barba.  Sundance Channel’s new series Be Good Johnny Weir, which picks up where the film leaves off, premieres Monday, January 4 at 10:00pm et/pt.





Season Two Premiere: September 18 at 10pm ET/PT

From the producers of the Academy Award®-winning Best Motion Picture of the same title, Crash is a provocative drama series starring Dennis Hopper. Set in Los Angeles, the series focuses on a multi-ethnic group of people from different socio-economic backgrounds and their lives as they intertwine and connect and their personal dramas unfold.  Joining the cast this season are Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight, “Heroes”) as Seth, a billionaire entrepreneur, who plans to give LA a long desired new professional football team, Dana Ashbrook (“Twin Peaks,” Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, “The Kill Point”) as Jimmy, a charismatic gambler who plays fast and loose with the law; Linda Park (Jurassic Park II, “Star Trek: Enterprise”) as Maggie, a children’s book author who writes of a joyful life but has trouble living it; Jake McLaughlin (In the Valley of Elah) as Bo, a former high school pitching ace and shoo-in for the big league, but derailed by career ending injury; Tess Harper (No Country for Old Men, Tender Mercies) as his mother Wendy, a middle-class San Fernando Valley shop-owner forever reliving Bo’s glory days; and Julie Warner (Doc Hollywood, “Nip/Tuck”) as Andrea, an ambitious and manipulative right hand woman to Seth.


Mission: Organization

New Episodes – Network Premiere: September 5 at 3pm ET

Mission: Organization brings order to chaos by redesigning living spaces one room at a time. Viewers learn how to organize their home and resolves clutter problem from kitchen catastrophes to bedroom bedlam. Our experts work with real homeowners and show each room, ‘before’ and ‘after.’

Design Inc.

Season Three Network Premiere: September 14 at 12pm ET

With Design Inc., you get an insider’s view into the hectic workings of an interior fine design firm. Expectations are high as designer Sarah Richardson and her talented team of designers create inspiring and distinctive living areas from start to finish. From an elegant master bedroom in a sophisticated Victorian home to a cozy vintage cottage retreat to a very relaxing, spacious family living room, these designers work to find what’s “just right” for each homeowner. See how clients’ visions are transformed into rooms with the Design Inc. signature look.


Season Eight Network Premiere: September 19 at 8pm ET

The eighth season of the popular reality series where everybody “loses” – The Biggest Loser

challenges overweight participants to transform themselves physically without surgery, only through a comprehensive diet and exercise program.  The grand prize is a whopping $250,000and the unscripted and life-altering reality series gathers contestants from across the country to face real-life temptations while being provided with approved weight loss programs, professional trainers and resources in an effort to help them transform their bodies, health and, ultimately, their lives. Alison Sweeney (NBC’s Days of our Lives) hosts the popular weight-loss show.


Season Three Network Premiere: September 20 at 10pm ET/ 11pm PT

Many women want to, but just can’t seem to shed those nagging last ten pounds. Enter the Dream Team of Tommy Europe, pro athlete turned celebrity trainer, and Nadeen Boman, a take-no-prisoners nutrition coach. “The Last 10 Pounds Boot Camp” propels people, motivated by a special event, through an intense fitness and nutrition regimen that dramatically transforms them physically and mentally in just four weeks.


PREMIERE: September 22 at 9PM/10PM PT

Haunted Homes is an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride as Britain’s best known female psychic, Mia Dolan, and her team venture into the world of the paranormal and meet ordinary people who are too terrified to stay in their own places because of strange noises in the night, dark figures standing over them, objects moving on their own and unexplained accidents. These folks have terrifying stories and experiences, and Mia must uncover each spirit’s secret and free the residents from their unearthly presence.


Season Two Premiere: September 23 at 9pm ET/10pm PT

Co-hosts Alexis Stewart and Jennifer Koppelman Hutt return in 26 all-new episodes providing their irreverent take on Martha Stewart, the Queen of All Things How-To.  During each episode of the wickedly funny half-hour, Jennifer and Alexis provide their personal take on vintage episodes of Martha Stewart Living. The unscripted format provides a platform for the co-hosts to showcase their colorful, witty and sometimes shocking opinions about Martha’s performance, appearance and approach to projects with a no-holds-barred point of view.



PREMIERE: September 14th (check local listings – repeats weekends on FLN)

The Martha Stewart Show has segments that entertain, inform, and inspire. Shot in front of a studio audience, home viewers, special guests and audience members participate and interact with host, Martha Stewart. Featuring movers, shakers and headline makers plus everyday people who’ve accomplished extraordinary things, The Martha Stewart Show which repeats weekends on FLN, sheds new light on subjects including cooking and entertaining, decorating, and home renovation and provides a forum for Martha Stewart’s sense of humor, love of fun and desire to teach.



Season Three Premiere: September 12 at 9pm ET/PT

Reuniting loved ones. Reconnecting lives. WE tv’s hit series THE LOCATOR continued to break network ratings records in its second season as the cable network’s most watched show. Troy Dunn, aka The Locator, continues his mission to reunite “half the world with the other half” when season three premieres on Saturday, September 12 at 9 PM ET/PT with a special one-hour primetime episode followed by seven all-new, half-hour installments each week.

“In this season of THE LOCATOR, we’ve raised the bar with stories that will definitely tug at your heart strings,” said Dunn. “Some of the reunions have happy endings and some not so happy, but I’m lucky to be able to give these people the answers they’ve been searching for.”




New Episodes – Network Premiere: October 3 at 11:30am ET

Follow interior designer Sarah Richardson through the entire process of purchasing a house and renovating it room by room. She starts by buying the worst house in a good neighborhood — a true fixer upper that oozes with potential. Learn what to look for and what to avoid when house-hunting with a renovation in mind. Get inside Sarah’s creative mind as she decides what stays and what goes. See her do it all from budgeting, conceptualizing, managing dusty, disastrous renovations to creating the stylish touches that are her trademark.


New Episodes – Network Premiere: October 3 at 1pm ET

Acclaimed designer Kenneth Brown walks you through his design process as ordinary rooms transform into stunning showplaces on “reDesign.” Watch how this pro goes from a blank page to a finished palette by bringing great design to life. Understand your space, reward yourself with a home that reflects who you are, and step outside your box with reDesign!


New Episodes – Network Premiere: October 12 at 6pm ET

Emotionally charged, dramatic and entertaining, “Wedding SOS” follows wedding expert Jane Dayus Hinch as she answers a cry for help from couples whose dream wedding is threatening to become a nightmare. Enter Jane — part wedding planner, part fairy godmother — who grants each couple three wishes that can turn it all around. But will three be enough? Will the couples use their wishes wisely? Add in feuding families, runaway brides, flakey florists, no-show officiates and missing cakes and you get the picture! Jane tries to put the pieces back together, then it’s up to the couple and their friends and family to put the guru’s plan into action.

Queer Eye

New Episodes Network Premiere: October 16 at 8pm ET/9pm PT

They call themselves the Fab Five and they’re turning their “Queer Eye” on straight men who want help getting a girl, a job, or just an adult lifestyle. All five are talented and determined to turn these zeros into heroes by refining their appearances, nurturing their personalities and transforming their residences from drab to fab. Witty, sassy and sometimes moving, every fashion-packed, fun-filled episode reveals a freshly scrubbed, newly enlightened guy who’s ready to move forward with his life.


Indoors Out

Mid-Season 3 Premiere: Monday, October 5 at 10pm ET

How do you expand a home’s square footage without expanding the home? It’s easy: build an outdoor room. This little trick is now one of the biggest trends in home improvement. Stonemasons and contractors Dean Marsico and Derek Stearns lead a crew of carpenters, landscapers and stonemasons to build unique, functional and eye-popping spaces outside the box. From outdoor TVs to spa showers to fully outfitted kitchens, Indoors Out makes great TV.

Kitchen Impossible

Season 2 Premiere: Friday, October 2 at 10pm ET

When it comes to a kitchen, renovation can literally bring down the house. Homeowners want a showplace but often end up overwhelmed, out of money and frustrated with the process of overhauling their kitchen. On DIY Network’s Kitchen Impossible, carpenter and electrician Marc Bartolomeo works with homeowners to achieve the kitchen they always wanted. But getting the job done right can mean changing plans or ripping out existing construction. Our cameras are there to capture the twists and turns that come with home improvement. In the end, Marc shows homeowners that with a little work and ingenuity, getting their dream kitchen is never impossible.

Man Caves

Season 4 Premiere: Tuesday, October 6 at 9pm ET

Every guy needs a space to call his own – a sanctuary where boys can be boys, games can be played and beverages can be iced. Of course, it has to be stocked with all the essentials: wet bar, poker table, indoor putting green and a special place to kick back and watch the big game with the guys. So we asked two super-guys, licensed contractor Jason Cameron and former NFL great Tony “The Goose” Siragusa, to offer ideas and expert do-it-yourself instruction designed to help any guy turn his basic basement or extra room into the ultimate guys’ hangout – a man cave.



Cool Tools

Season 5 Premiere: Thursday, November 26 at 8pm ET

Did you know there’s a device that lets you carry a sheet of heavy plywood with just one hand? How about using your drill for everything from cleaning ducts to snipping sheet metal? What does “WD-40” stand for and did you know there are more than 2,000 uses for it? Tool expert Chris Grundy answers these burning questions and more on Cool Tools. He also gives viewers an exclusive look at tools you may not even know about – from the tried and true to the latest and greatest – revealing insider tips and little-known techniques from the people who helped create them.



Weekend of November 7-8 (check local listings)

The captivating, action-adventure series “Legend of the Seeker” returns for a highly-anticipated second season in national syndication.  Combining elements of fantasy, adventure, magic, mystery and romance with state of the art visual effects and a high level of action, “Legend of the Seeker” is an adaptation of internationally best-selling author Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth book series. When woodsman Richard Cypher’s (Craig Horner, “Monarch Cove” and “Blue Water High”) life gets turned upside down after discovering that he has a profound destiny to fulfill as the Seeker, he is thrust into an unfamiliar world of magic, sorcery and evil. With Kahlan (Bridget Regan, “Sex and the City” and “The Best and the Brightest”), a woman with magical powers of her own, and a wise old wizard named Zedd (Bruce Spence, “Mad Max 2” and “The Matrix Revolutions”) by his side, Richard fights to protect innocent lives by confronting dangerous and evil forces. In the new season, Richard, Kahlan and Zedd will encounter an array of rich and compelling new characters, both good and evil, and they will be tested in ways that they never could have imagined. The trio will discover that in defeating the bloodthirsty tyrant Darken Rahl, their victory is short-lived as they inadvertently unleashed an even greater evil on the world. Actress Tabrett Bethell (“Mei Li Johnson”) joins the cast as a series regular, reprising her role as Cara, a Mord’Sith that creates tension between Richard and Kahlan. Additionally, actress Charisma Carpenter, best known for her starring role as Cordelia on the long-running hit series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel,” will guest star in the season premiere as a wicked Mord’Sith named Triana. From the talented team behind the long-running, successful series “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” and “Xena: Warrior Princess,” and the studio that produces primetime network hits including “Lost,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Desperate Housewives,” “Ghost Whisperer” and “Army Wives,” the series is produced by ABC Studios and distributed by Disney-ABC Domestic Television. Ken Biller, Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, Ned Nalle and Josh Donen serve as executive producers.



Season 40 Premiere: November 10 (check your local listings)

Sesame Street, the world’s largest informal children’s educator, celebrates its 40th birthday on November 10, 2009, the exact day the series debuted on TV four decades ago, with a fresh season filled with a new “nature” curriculum and new celebrities including Kobe Bryant, Adam Sandler, Paul Rudd, Jimmy Fallon, Eva Longoria, Meredith Vieira, Jake Gyllenhaal and Jason Mraz.



Season 3 Premiere: Friday, November 6 at 11:00pm ET

The acclaimed original music series returns for a third season in November.  The 12-part series features performances and interviews with musicians filmed at London’s legendary Abbey Road Studios.  “Live from Abbey Road” features performances by new and established A-list artists, with each one-hour episode offering unique insight into the process of making music as they rehearse, discuss their work, and build towards the final exclusive performance.


Season 5 Premiere: Friday, November 27, time at 8:00pm ET

Season Five of the award-winning British comedy-drama “Shameless” will make its U.S. television premiere in November.  Created and executive produced by acclaimed writer Paul Abbott (“Touching Evil,” “State of Play”), “Shameless” stars David Threlfall (Hot Fuzz), Maggie O’Neill (Mansfield Park), Gerard Kearns (The Mark of Cain) and Jody Latham (Ruby Blue).  “Shameless” follows the lives of the Gallagher clan and their extended network of lovers, friends and foes at Chatsworth Estate, a public housing project in Manchester, England.  The family’s nominal figurehead is Frank Gallagher (David Threlfall), a perennially soused ne’er-do-well who has stumbled into a second family with Sheila Jackson (Maggie O’Neill), a highly medicated neurotic with a passion for gourmet cooking and kinky sex.  Frank’s older children – Phillip, aka “Lip” (Jody Latham), Ian (Gerard Kearns), Debbie (Rebecca Ryan), Carl (Elliott Tittensor) and Liam (Johnny Bennett) – have learned to get along quite well in the absence of parental authority, though they will bail their dad out when necessary.




Season 2 Premiere: Wednesday, December 9 at 10:00pm ET

“Spectacle: Elvis Costello with…”  returns for a second season with more intimate interviews with legendary performers and promising new artists, group discussions and impromptu “illustrative” demonstrations of the creative process.  The featured guests of the series’ debut season were Sir Elton John, Tony Bennett, Lou Reed, Julian Schnabel, Smokey Robinson, The Police (Sting, Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers), James Taylor, Herbie Hancock, Rufus Wainwright, Rosanne Cash, Kris Kristofferson, Diana Krall, John Mellencamp, Jakob Dylan, She & Him (Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward), Norah Jones, Jenny Lewis, Renée Fleming and President Bill Clinton. Elvis Costello is an internationally acclaimed figure with a captivating presence and vast knowledge of music and songwriting.

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