Where was DirecTV when they needed them?!

Last week  DirecTV announced it had secured the exclusive US rights for  two seasons (20 episodes) of Damages, thus saving the show from the cancellation scrap heap.

We’re certain one outcome of this will be that fans of shows with bad ratings will begin mounting campaigns for DirecTV to save their show, no matter how awful the ratings are.

That inspired me with the idea to do a silly weekly top ten list next year: “The DirecTV Top 10” for the shows most in need of saving from DirecTV.

To be clear, it is just intended as fun and to have yet another forum to discuss show ratings.  There is no reasonable expectation, at least by us, that DirecTV will actually pick up any of the shows.  Consider this:  literally dozens of shows have been canceled in the last few years.  DirectTV has had a hand in saving two of those shows, Friday Night Lights, and Damages.

While I plan to have some fun with it in the coming season, one idea that popped up was doing a bracket style tournament to produce an ultimate winner at the end of the season.  While that idea didn’t work great for me in terms of how to handle next season’s shows, I thought it was a great idea in terms of going into the archive of already canceled shows to produce a winner.   Basically, just like the NCAA basketball tournament come up with 64 shows, create brackets that produce various match ups with the winners advancing.

The first trick — coming up with 64 shows.  Fortunately for us, Julia already did the work of trying to come up with a list of 64 shows.  She included a lot of shows that were canceled since we launched the site in 2007, but for shows before that she tried to only include shows fans are still lamenting today (e.g. Arrested Development and Veronica Mars). 

Edit: to be clear Julia is NOT suggesting (and neither am I) that these shows were actually canceled too soon or that they shouldn’t have been canceled.  It’s just a list of shows that were either canceled in the last 3 years or still have fans lamenting the cancellations.

Here’s her list, it’s sorted alphabetically:

Canceled Too Soon?
Andy Barker, PI
Arrested Development
Back to You
Better off Ted
Bionic Woman
Boston Legal
Cold Case
Dead Like Me
Dirty Sexy Money
Eli Stone
Freaks & Geeks
Gilmore Girls
Greg the Bunny
Knight Rider
Kyle XY
Las Vegas
Law & Order
Legend of the Seeker
Life on Mars
Lipstick Jungle
Melrose Place
Men in Trees
My Name is Earl
My Own Worst Enemy
New Adventures of Old Christine
New Amsterdam
October Road
Party Down
Prison Break
Pushing Daisies
Raising the Bar
Samantha Who?
Star Trek: Enterprise
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Terminator: TSCC
The 4400
The Beautiful Life
The OC
The Unit
Ugly Betty
Veronica Mars
What About Brian
Without a Trace
Women’s Murder Club

If you have shows you think should be added, what show would you remove?  Or perhaps, like the NCAA we will merely expand the bracket to include 68 or even 96 shows.

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