There are always Chuck fans talking about “could the show come back sooner than its planned March arrival after the Olympics?”

Chicago Tribune critic Mo Ryan pleas with NBC to bring back Chuck early in her review of Trauma:

The only upside I can see to the existence of “Mercy” and “Trauma” is that one of them is likely to recall a scene from the latter pilot and crash and burn this fall. And then we may (please!) get the third season of “Chuck” sooner than March.

But I’m a fan of Chuck who does not want to see it come back early.

A part of me feels like just let the new shows get completely hammered for as long as possible.  So that when Chuck comes back, whatever its ratings are they will look good to NBC!

And though neither Mercy nor Trauma (despite being filmed on location in San Francisco) are interesting to me, I’m not rooting for these shows to fail either.  I don’t want NBC to become so fatalistic about scripted programming that it gives up on scripted shows altogether.  That might result in a primetime schedule next year of “Today Show: Recap”, “Dateline” and “The Jay Leno Show”.

Either way, I think holding out until March works to Chuck’s advantage.  And as a fan, I view that as a good thing.

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